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More than four decades of accuracy, reliability and dedication to our clients has built our reputation as a leader in court reporting and litigation support services nationwide. This is why attorneys and paralegals in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin choose us as their court reporting and litigation support partners.


Fast, accurate court reporting from a company that prides itself in its premium service levels.


Highly credentialed reporters, certified real-time writers and an in-house production staff, you get a full range of services you can count on.


Same-day turnarounds, the latest technology, and a staff centered around serving our clients and communities. We truly are dedicated “Keepers of the Record.”

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More than 41 years of experience in court reporting and litigation support

Experience proves to be the difference when it comes to properly preparing, managing and delivering the record. That’s why when an attorney or paralegal wants things done accurately and on-time, they choose Northwestern Court Reporters as their court reporting firm in Wisconsin, Minnesota and nationwide.

Experienced court reporters make the difference

Our team of experts boasts an average tenure of 19 years with Northwestern. Challenge us with a request…we’ve seen it all!

Speed plus service

Throughout our four-plus decades of service, we’ve developed a spotless reputation for speed, accuracy, organization, and premium service.

Above and beyond

We deliver exceptional court reporting, litigation support, and deposition services through cutting-edge technology and a relentless commitment to excellence. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right court reporting firm for your cases.

Remember … Experience wins, and we have it.

"Dedicated to Keeping the Record"