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We love the word “great” as much as you do

That’s why we’re not shy about saying that we are really great at what we do. We’re great because we love what we do and we love to provide attorneys with great litigation support. And we’ve been doing just that for more than four decades.

Expertise, accuracy, technology, superb service

We’re constantly looking to add value to your firm through technology, outstanding organizational management and impeccable, personal service.

Real-time technology designed to deliver the competitive advantage you need

As just one of the services we offer, real-time depositions allow you to focus on strategy as we focus on your litigation support.

Court reporters with an average of 13+ years of experience

Partner with a firm where reporters have an average of 13 years of experience! That’s a serious commitment to our firm and to yours.

Outstanding litigation support for attorneys and paralegals in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin!

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Northwestern Court Reporters Litigation SupportInnovation, speed, accuracy

The best attorney litigation support is that which offers innovation, speed, and great service, allowing you to focus on preparing your case. When you partner with our team of litigation support experts, we’ll add value to your case through new technology, innovative developments, and superb organizational management. You benefit from professional support in organizing your depositions, searching or scanning your exhibits, conducting queries across transcripts, comparing transcripts, issuing reports, and much more.

The cutting edge of litigation support

When you partner with Northwestern Court Reporters, you’re partnering with a firm that has invested in the latest software and programs to simplify your job and support your case. We offer e-transcripts via RealLegal™ and LiveNote™, our chosen software to ensure that your case gets the competitive edge it deserves.

Realtime technology designed to deliver a competitive edge

You can’t afford to miss out on key information and events in your case or to “review them later”. That’s why at Northwestern Court Reporters, we offer real-time support that allows you to read a deposition as it’s recorded on your hard drive.

You’re a great litigator … and we’re great at litigation support.

So pick the litigation support leader when looking for outstanding legal support in the greater Twin Cities area and Wisconsin.

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