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Take advantage of the power of real-time deposition technology from Northwestern Court Reporters.

A realtime deposition enables immediate transcriptions by our court reporters using real-time text technologies, delivering computer text screens within a few seconds of the words being spoken.

But that’s not all – you can also make notes in the text and / or highlight sections of the deposition as you like for future reference. Real-time deposition technology also speeds up proceedings, saving you valuable time.

Our realtime reporting and deposition processes can use text and video streaming in real time, delivering the proceeding to other parties no matter where they are, saving time and significant travel costs.

So, real-time depositions from Northwestern Court Reporters allow you to instantly access the testimony and the information you need, making it simpler to take control over the discovery process. This means less delay between the testimony and its applicable use in your case, plus you can immediately digest what you hear and see, take notes, share, and streamline your processes.

Strategize during the deposition

In law, few things are immediate. Now, real-time depositions go beyond these restrictions and make it easier than ever to send transcripts to colleagues to make strategic decisions immediately.

Eliminate the hassle and cost of travel

The cost and hassle of travel can be exceptional for attorneys traveling from deposition to deposition. But not with real-time depositions.

Organize information according to your needs

Thanks to LiveNote™ technology, attorneys everywhere can develop their case as testimony is being given.

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Immediate strategizing that pays off

While accessing transcripts of testimony exactly as it was given was once very difficult, real-time depositions make it easy to send precise transcripts to colleagues. Our software also allows for additional annotation and notation capabilities, giving you more of what you need to strengthen and organize your case.

Saving you the hassle and high cost of traveling from deposition to deposition

With real-time depositions, any remote party can review both video and text over the Internet. So any party can view depositions from their home or office, without the hassles and cost of travel.

Rapidly organize information as it aligns with your needs

Gone are the days of waiting hours or even days for transcripts of a testimony. Now you can search through transcripts, annotate them and evaluate information quickly.

Real-time depositions are just one of the many services we offer to lawyers and paralegals in the Twin Cities and Wisconsin area.

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